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League of Angels 2

League of Angels 2 - LOA2

Genre Type: F2P RPG MMO
Platform Accessibility: Web Browser
Development By: GTArcade

Head into a world where the Orc Legion have risen up and taken control over the Angels of the realm using a powerful relic, assemble your group and take down these fallen heroes and angels and bring them back into the light to then join you on your quest. League of Angels 2 is a free to play browser RPG following on from the original League of Angels; with enhanced features and massive graphical upgrades players can experience familiar gameplay in a beautiful 3D setting as they once more answer the call of the League of Angels.

The game focuses on being a team building RPG where players must gather various Heroes and Angels to help them in their task; each character has their own skills and abilities that can be used in battle, as well as certain roles such as a front or backline damage dealer, tank, healer, mage and more. Each individual character must be levelled up and players can build up their team to their own preferred strategy choosing from dozens of different companions once they have been discovered and unlocked. Each character has their own stats determining their physical and magical defense, their attack, agility and hitpoints, all of which can be improved as the character is individually levelled up; they can also be enhanced by equipping them with various weapons and armor.

When new Angels or Heroes have been unlocked players are able to include them as part of their Squad, with up to six characters from their full roster they can be switched in and out of the Squad as the situation requires. Players can choose the formation of their heroes and who will sit on the front line or the back line, preferably putting tankier warrior type characters on the frontline to soak up damage, with the squishier healers or ranged damage dealers at the back.

When combat is activated, typically through the linear quest chain that will allow players to unlock new champions and progress the story, combat goes into an AFK mode where the battle resolves itself with the players character and recruited heroes automatically attacking the enemy team over and over with the enemy similarly responding. In PVE players do have control over when they use their ultimate abilities that perform devastating attacks or huge party buffs, which can be triggered when the rage bar is filled up throughout the course of the fight. When fighting in the PVP Arena players can challenge each other for rank and rewards, however the battles are completely automated and even ultimate abilities are triggered by the computer.

The game runs on a Stamina system where many dungeon attempts and other actions you take will use up some of your stamina/energy, once depleted players must wait to recover 1 point every 6 minutes and are unable to perform these tasks otherwise. Players can recharge by spending Diamonds, a premium currency bought with real money, which gives the additional benefit of VIP status to give the player more perks.

League of Angels 2 screenshot: