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Lunaria Story

Developed by Reality Squared Games, Lunaria Story is a 2D side scrolling browser MMORPG, which takes players to the colorful and vibrant world of Lunaria. In the game players can complete exciting missions to earn equipment and money, challenge other players in PvP battles, fight against lots monsters, create all kinds of items, and train and merge their pets to make them more powerful.

In Lunaria Story, dark forces have stolen and corrupted the Tablets of Power, gifted by the gods to the people. Also these evil forces have released an evil energy which has permeated the land. And now the players have to find these dark forces, and defeat them.

The game features three classes, Elementalist, Hunter and Swordsman each one with its unique skills and abilities. The Elementalist can conjure devastating spells from the distance to destroy its enemies. The Hunter is skilled using guns and bombs to obliterate monsters. The Swordsman is known to be able to cut his enemies in slices.

Lunaria Story includes an AFK mode which allows characters to accept and complete tasks by automatically entering and finish any battle it comes across. Thus even in a dungeon quest, it will still be safe to switch to AFK mode under which your character finishes the challenge without fail.

Lunaria Story screenshot: