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Magic Barrage

This action-based, bullet dodging MMO RPG published by R2Games and developed by Gameguyz transport players into a fantasy realm where the now twisted Dragon Crassus has fallen to the corruption of his soul weapon, used to tempt unknowing soul it has shadowed the powerful creatures mind. In doing so Crassus has now risen up a powerful army of evil demons that he intends to use to destroy humans everywhere, taking them to the very brink of extinction. Whilst Crassus plans his next move so to do the humans as they rally the heroic descendants that once fought this legendary creature. You are one such hero.

Magic Barrage is a classic 2-D MMORPG that uses 8-bit pixels to create a nostalgic retro game but modernised with all current staple MMO RPG features such as questing, dungeon crawling, crafting, Guilds, arena PVP and even collecting pet companions. Players can quickly access the game through Google+ or Facebook as the game requires no download to play and can be instantly played in your favourite Internet web browser.

There are in total eight different available classes to choose from: the Priest, the Warrior, the Ninja, the Assassin, the Archer, the Mage, the Warlock and the Paladin. These different classes each have their own style of play associated with them, unique skills and abilities as well as original gear and weapons to discover. Play solo or team up with other classes to form a powerful group, or even create your own Guild of adventurers to take on the challenging dungeons.

Magic barrage focuses on instanced dungeon battles, where players will pick up a quest that often leads to having to hunt down a Demon boss, but first requires battling their way through scores of lesser minions. With easy keyboard controls players use the mouse to fire off their attacks against enemies whilst simultaneously dodging attacks as the game primarily is an explosion of bullets, frost waves, fireballs and flying spikes that players must try to Dodge.

Dungeons start off with an easy mode setting that players can choose, however upon completion they will unlock normal mode and furthermore can then unlock a difficult mode, giving replayability to the same dungeon which grows more challenging each time. The dungeon mode and the speed that a player completes a dungeon will be rewarded at the end once the boss is killed, each player gets a score and a final grade which will yield an equivalent treasure reward dependent on how well they did.

The game is easy to access and free to play, so players do not have to part with their money if they wish to play without paying. However, for those players who want to unlock extra features on new gear from the item shop then they can purchase “diamonds”, the games premium currency.

Magic Barrage screenshot: