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Monkey King Online

Monkey King Online

Genre Type: Free2Play MMORPG
Platform Accessibility: Web Browser
Development By: R2 Games

Monkey King Online is a competitive fantasy-based browser MMO RPG that is completely free to play and based on the Chinese epic Journey to the West where players of the game step into the role of Monkey and his trusty companions as they head into the heavens to fight ancient evils. The game revolves around levelling up your character, learning new abilities and advancing your gear and Immortal companions to help you in your fight. With a fully automated system the game is casual to begin with but focuses on hard-core endgame content.

There are many different things to do in Monkey King Online, typically most people will spend their time working through the single player quest content which revolves around taking quests, heading to new locations and killing whatever enemy groups of enemies are required and earning XP and gold in the process. As players continue to the game they will unlock more of the story aspect to find out what happened to the heavens and what your place in all of this is. Players can group together and head into more challenging multiplayer dungeons for cooperative gameplay or go head-to-head in the PVP arenas to fight each other and earn rewards and pressed each as they do so. It was the end of the game players will look more towards playing in Guild based conflicts, joining other players in a Guild and fighting off their rivals as they try to earn position in the ranking leaderboard.

Players can choose four different characters to play as, these champions are seen in the original story consisting of Monkey, Bull, Fox and Iron Fan. Monkey himself has been tracked in stone for nearly 500 years and now that he has escaped he is furious! With his companions or alongside him each of them has sworn to aid him in his fight using their own specific skills and abilities, from monkeys cloud hopping and morphing abilities, Bullís axe mastery and deadly bullheaded form, Foxís mystical sword and magic techniques and Iron Fanís deadly attacks and nature magic. Individually they are all powerful Warriors, put together they are almost unstoppable!

Players in the game have access to a unique AFK mode that allows them to leave the game unattended whilst it completes quests for you, including fighting all the enemies in an area, using magic potions to restore your health and mana automatically and even allows you to set which abilities you wish your character to use whilst you arenít there. More so if youíre character takes on too much damage and no longer has the resources needed to stay alive in battle they will automatically head back to the city safe zone to meditate and recharge. Similar to this players can use the automated pathing feature that allows them to move from place to place automatically with the click of a button, either finding NPCís or heading directly to quest areas to kill enemies needed to complete a quest.

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