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Game Style: Free to play MMORPG
Available Platforms: Web Browser
Developing Studio: R2 Games

Set in a world where unspeakable evils have been released upon the land by the banished Titans the heroes of old must now band together and defend the realm in this ancient Greece inspired mythological fantasy where players will meet and fight alongside Immortals and The Gods themselves. Mythborne is an isometric top down RPG that can be played directly in your web browser for free where players are challenged to recruit and field a squad of heroes to battle the evils of the realm in challenging PVE as well as competing against other rival players for position and prestige in exciting PVP combat.

The core of the game revolves around players both levelling up and improving their own character, chosen from five different classes, as well as recruiting and upgrading various mythological heroes to improve the overall Battle Rating of their party. Players will recruit new heroes as they advance through the game and level up, acquiring heroes through the Tavern they will each have their own requirements before they will be willing to join the player on their journey. These heroes are vital for filling the roles that your individual player class cannot fill, for example if the player has chosen a tank type class then they may rely on high DPS ranged heroes as part of their squad.

Players can also take advantage of a wide variety of in game features that will help improve their own character and equip them for battle with a variety of weapons, armour, mounts, titles and other perks and upgrades that will directly affect their Battle Rating. Many of these different upgrades and perks are accessible through specific features, both PVE and PVP orientated, many of which can be tackled solo or as a group and even a Guild. Players can fight through The Abyss heading down into the depths to face off against incredible beasts, or tackle the War Gods feature where they must fight wave after wave of enemies.

Players can compete against each other in The Arena fighting one-on-one for prestige and Arena position, where by defeating a player ranked higher than them they will increase their own ranking. Alternatively players can fight with their Guild in the Guild Welfare battles, with up to three guild members facing off against their rivals.

One of the greatest threats in the game is the World Boss, a dynamic mob whose level increases as the World Level increases, the World Level is based off the average level of the top 20 players on the server. As these players grow stronger the World Level will become higher and the World Boss more powerful, as well is this other advantages and bonuses can be gained by players that are within the top 20 players on server. Any players fighting against the World Boss will gain rewards, with more going to the player that manages to land the final blow as well as amazing rewards going to the top 10 players that deal the most damage to the World Boss during the battle.

Mythborne screenshot: