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Nova Genesis

Nova Genesis

Genre Type: F2P MMORPG
Platform Accessibility: Web Browser
Development By: R2 Games

Journey to the planet of Cerulea where a dark force known as the Pyroi has invaded the upper continent of Etheron in search of the powerful artefacts known as the Nova Weapons, the only known items that can send them back to the core of the planet from where they came. In Nova Genesis players will rise as a new Hero of the time, destined to seek out the Nova Weapons for themselves and fight the Pyroi invaders. The game offers wonderfully rendered digital environments and an immersive storyline for players to follow as they progress through the game in this easy to access free to play MMORPG that can be played straight through your web browser.

Each player begins as a fledgling Hero, able to choose their path from three unique character classes: the Wraith, the Psyon or the Corsair. The three classes offer up different strategy and play styles in combat and have access to completely different skills and abilities, the Corsair focusing on physical attacks, the Wraith able to offer up critical strikes and enemy hindering attacks and the Psyon being a powerful long range caster that can perform deadly area attack spells. Each class has its own three Skill trees that players can use to further customise their Hero focusing on different areas such as improved damage, healing, area attacks and more depending on the chosen class; as players level up they will gain Skill Points to spend in these trees and improve their character.

The Hero will not make this journey alone and on their adventure will seek out many powerful companions willing to join them in their quest against the Pyroi, starting out with the players initial companion Lazuli they will meet and unlock more companions as they progress; each of which has their own abilities to bring to the group, which in turn can be levelled up and improved. Players can customise their squad from their unlocked party companions offering high levels of customisation and strategy when going up against challenging AI threats or rival players.

Players will look for other ways to improve their characters Battle Rating, everything from unlocking mounts, wings, titles, armour and weapons and most importantly the Nova Weapons, the most powerful items in the world. Once equipped these devastatingly powerful artifacts grant its wielder unimaginable power and abilities to help them fight their enemies; and as players complete the different chapters in the game they can gain access to even higher level Nova Weapons, which will in turn grant even more stat bonuses and improved abilities.

Nova Genesis is a free to play MMORPG but offers up a premium currency available by spending real-world cash that can be used in the in game cash shop to purchase individual items and boosters or subscribe to the VIP membership packs that give players various perks and bonuses to help them in the game and give them a number of advantages against other players.

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