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Nova Raider

Nova Raider

Genre Type: F2P Space Shooter MMO
Platform Accessibility: Windows / Web Browser / iOS
Development By: Sublinet

In Nova Raider players are in control of their very own spaceship that they can navigate through unknown zones of space in search of enemies, valuable minerals and taking on a variety of quests and missions. The game is primarily a space based shooter using simple mouse point and click controls the game has been developed primarily as a browser-based/iOS app but also has a Windows client available to download and is completely free to play.

The main purpose of the game for players is to acquire XP and resources from killing enemies and completing missions, which in turn will level the player up and give them access to new features and zones that they can progress through to attempt even tougher challenges. With strong PVE content players will also be able to go head-to-head against other real-world players in exciting PVP Arena combat.

The different ships available in the game come primarily in five different classes: Tank, Raider, Support, Trader or Balanced, with each class having particular strengths and weakness in the four main ship attributes: Defence Rating, Attack Rating, Trade Rating as well as a combined Buffs, Heals, Drones Rating. The Raider and Tank are the primary combat focused classes, with the Raider having better offensive abilities but being weaker defensively and the opposite with the Tank who have strong shields and defences but less firepower. The Support class is active in combat but tries to keep away from the enemy, instead acting as a support ship able to buff and heal its teammates, whereas the Trader who similarly avoids combat focuses more on being able to gather more resources and make more profit at the player Market selling their goods. The Balanced class focuses on having a more even spread across the four ratings giving it no major weaknesses, but in turn lacking in any particular strength.

Players will be able to travel from Galaxy to Galaxy in search of new enemies, that grow gradually more difficult, have more abilities and present a greater challenge to players. To rise to the challenge players must gain XP, level up and unlock new ships to make them more powerful against the enemy. As well as this players can research technologies using the in game currency to give them access to new items which they can then equip in the garage once they have purchased them as well as repairing their ship’s damage and resupplying it with ammo for their more powerful weapons.

When an enemy ship is destroyed it can drop Uranium that is the primary currency in game used to purchase all manner of items, Stars that are the premium paid for currency and sometimes minerals, which can also be found scattered across the various maps. Minerals can be combined to create more powerful gems that players can then equip to their ships, the higher the level the more gems they can equip, to give themselves extra buffs and passive boosts; alternatively players can sell these at the market.

Nova Raider screenshot: