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Pirates: Tides of Fortune

Pirates: Tides of Fortune

Genre Type: F2P MMO Base Building Strategy
Platform Accessibility: Web Browser
Development By: Plarium

In this pirate themed free to play browser MMO players take on the role of a fledgling Pirate Captain, looking to establish their own Pirates Haven where they can build up a fearsome crew of scallywags as they look to dominate the high seas. The game is a traditional base building MMO where players must be skilled in balancing their resources and time to construct various buildings and raise a fearsome pirate army to both defend their land and pillage and plunder their rivals.

The game primarily focuses on the acquisition and managing of your own resources; Rum, Timber and Gold, each of which must be acquired to keep your Pirate Haven running and is used to construct buildings, train units, unlock Discoveries (technologies) and more. Players are able to construct numerous production buildings in their Haven, each of which can be upgraded to improve its efficiency; alternatively they can raise their own crew of Pirates and attack other players and AI challenges to steal resources to add into their own stores.

Combat revolves more around strategy than active controlling of troops, faced with a wide variety of troops, from Buccaneers to Marauders, each has their own traits that will determine the overall strength of a raiding party. Once a target has been acquired the Pirate Captain can determine how many of their available units they wish to send out on the attack, depending how far away the target is it can take minutes or even hours to reach, and once it does the game will automatically work out who was the victor and if successful the crew will return with a huge share of the targets resources.

Players can acquire a variety of different rewards through various means such as completing the ongoing tasks and missions that are constantly provided as well as taking on Daily Quests, these quests arenít too involved and simply require clicking a button to put your crew to task (and they can only complete one task at a time). To fully complete the Daily Quest a player must complete all of the Quests and tasks, which requires them to either stay in the game or keep checking back in throughout the day. There are also Prestige Daily Quests that are available as well as Brotherhood Daily Quests, which are only accessible to those players who have joined a Brotherhood/Guild.

All actions in the game to acquire resources and time, the more difficult or higher level the action, i.e. constructing a building, training crew, etc. the more resources it will require and the longer it will take, anything from hours to even days for some actions. Players have the option of spending Rubies, the premium currency that is earned as players level up but can also be purchased through the in game store using real cash, these Rubies will allow players to purchase upgrades, resources and unique items from the store as well as instantly complete any item that is being built.

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