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Rising Grave

Rising Grave is a free-to play zombie browser game developed by S3 Pty Ltd. In Rising Grave YOU are the zombie in the state of Texas which has just had a massive outbreak of a deadly bacteria strain. Texas has been quarantined and there are still humans trapped that are managing to survive the hordes of zombies roaming the cities

In Rising Grave you can find a lot of tasks to complete. You will unlock new tasks progressing the game and levelling up your character. Tasks are your usual MMORPG’s quest and will reward you with blood and experience upon completion.

The game comes with an extended skill system that will let you specialize in some area learning and improving useful skills like Ambushing, for stealing blood from other players, Scavenging that increases how often and the quality of items you can find, Rescuing that enables you to rescue other zombies from the humans' captivity, and many more, you always have something to improve your character and work towards.

The game is designed for both casual players and hardcore gamers. You can enjoy the game playing few minutes each day or you can spend hours online with your friends and your team of 30 allied zombies training your stats, keeping away enemies from your territory, doing tasks and killing nasty humans.

Rising Grave lets you attack other zombies too. You have to protect your house from other zombies’ attacks and maybe choose to get revenge attacking their territories. But first you should prepare yourself equipping the best armor and weapon you can find and checking your target’s avatar before the attack. Every item that a player choose to equip became visible on its character and so it’s possible to try to estimate the strength of a player looking at its character. When a battle takes place in Rising Grave, you will see each of the participants side by side and you are provided with both an animated version and a text log of the battle if you want to view the specifics of each and every hit you have made.

Rising Grave screenshot: