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Genre Type: F2P Building MMO
Platform Accessibility: Web Browser
Development By: Roblox Corporation

Roblox is a unique building MMO that allows players to design and create their own mini games for the community to play and rate, crafting everything from level design using a wide selection of building blocks, enemy opponents, obstacles as well as scripting mechanics and events. The game offers both a free to play and premium membership option, though players on the free account still have access to creating games and playing other users submissions. Roblox plays in its own browser window once the launcher has been installed, navigating through different games in the Games library, which will open games in a separate browser window.

The games that are available to play by the community fall into a wide variety of different categories, everything from Mediaeval games, Fantasy games, FPS, Building, Racing, Puzzle games and more. Many games are completely unique themes and ideas made by community members, however many revolve around more popular established game franchises such as Mario, Grand Theft Auto, Battlefield and even new titles such as Watchdogs, some themes revolve more around popular characters like Spongebob or movies like Frozen. There are thousands of different games that players can play, with thousands of different players laying them at the same time on different servers. Players can sort the list of games by “Browse”, which allows them to jump to games that have the Top Earning, Most Popular, Most Favourited, Featured and more, which can be broken down to the time (Now, Past Day, Past Week, All Time) as well as searching by genre.

Each player has their own personal profile that shows items that they have created, the badges that they have earned (both official and community created badges), the players Clans, joined groups and many more stats, facts and figures. It also shows the players character that can be completely customised through the wide selection of items, clothing, decoration and more that players can purchase in the Catalog section, the official in game shop where players can buy items using “Robux” currency. Players are able to purchase items, both officially created and the player created items, to customise their characters including their heads, faces, individual body parts, clothing such as hats, T-shirts as well as gear such as weapons, explosives, musical instruments and social items such as spray paint, fireworks and hundreds of other items that can be used to personalise both your character or placed in games that the player has created.

Roblox has a wide variety of payment options for those wishing to join the Builders Club, including different tiers (Classic/Turbo/Outrageous), which offer more daily Robux to spend, access to more active places, more groups to join and create and

Roblox screenshot: