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1.)Become a pirate, conquer the seas and hoist your flag!

Now is the time for exciting adventures on the high seas, bitter sea battles and the longing for unending freedom, fame and fortune. The player faces the challenge of battling against enemy pirates, and huge sea monsters. Wearing scars with pride and honour–they are witness to many famous battles!

Seafight is the newest, free real-time fantasy game with new individual 3-D maps inside an intelligent level system. Seafight boasts day and night modes with real-time implementation.

The player fights against real opponents "live". He controls the events in real time and experiences his actions in 3-D. A large number of game characters, multiple methods to arm himself and much more make for a diverse and exciting online pirate atmosphere.

Through Seafight, a thrilling and exciting story is brought to life with the newest streaming technology. An imaginative, creative and attractive design guarantees maximum gaming fun and captivating entertainment!

2.)Become a pirate, a great leader of the Ocean and wave your flag!

Plunch into a great adventure on rough Sea, engage in large Ship battles and fight for wealth and power. Destroy enemy pirates, battle with huge sea monsters and show your scars with pride. They tell many stories!

Seafight ist the newest, realtime-fantasy game with intelligent levelsystem and individual generated 3D-Maps.

You battle against real opponents live. Controlling your ship in realtime and observing your actions in 3D. A variation of characters and many different equipment help you along in a real online-pirate-atmosphere.

With Seafight you experience a gripping story in a new streaming-technology. And a fantastic, creative design guarentees gameplay fun!

SeaFight screenshot: