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Shadow Kings: Dark Ages

Shadow Kings: Dark Ages

Genre Type: F2P City Building MMO
Platform Accessibility: Web Browser
Development By: Goodgame Studios

In Shadow Kings: Dark Ages the realm is under attack by hordes of Shadow Orcs, beset on levelling civilization and wiping out all the cities of the kingdom, as the ruler of one such city it is your duty to defend the realm and destroy these barbarians, while struggling to progress your own city in the face of competition from other player city rivals. Shadow Kings is a classic city building strategy MMO where players must gather resources, advance their city through a variety of features and buildings, train the most powerful army that they can and use it to defend their lands and bringing their opposition to heel. As the game is a browser-based free to play MMO players can enjoy it on most systems, and even on their tablets whilst there are on the move.

A city can only progress if it has the necessary resources to do so, valuable components that go into constructing every building, training, military units and typically being used to advance your city. There are four key resources that any new leader will require to get ahead, stone and wood to construct a variety of buildings, food to keep their military units are well fed (an army marches on its stomach after all) and gold, which is used in most features within the game. A fifth purchasable premium currency is also available in the form of purple gems, these powerful items can be used to complete a building or units is currently under construction, as all builds take an amount of time from seconds, minutes to hours to complete. Players can also purchase unique buildings and city decorations as well as building upgrades that can give them extra perks to help run their city, players will also require gems to form their own Alliance. Whilst gems are a purchasable currency players will also earn an amount of them each time they level up.

There is a wide selection of buildings to choose from, from typical resource production buildings such as stone quarries and farms, to housing that allows you to increase your populous for earning more gold through taxes and a barracks for training up the variety of military units. As well constructed as a city may be players will require a sizeable army to defend their city from orc AI and other players, and so players must focus on both offensive and defensive units. Using a mix of different units will improve a player’s chances when facing off against the enemy, a rock paper scissors type scenario in combat, make certain units more powerful when facing off against a specific opponent, but vulnerable against others. When combat is instigated through attacking an enemy or defending from one computer will automatically resolve the conflict once the two forces reach each other based off of unit types, unit levels and of course unit numbers, though a large amount of low-level units will perform very poorly against a smaller force of high-level units .

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