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Genre Type: F2P Base strategy MMO
Platform Accessibility: Web Browser
Development By: 37games

Siegelord is a mediaeval fantasy-based browser MMO that allows players to fill the role of a recovering Lord seeking revenge after their city was sacked by a powerful enemy. Starting from scratch players are tasked with rebuilding their city, training up new troops to fill their army and seeking out revenge on those who wronged them and exerting dominance over the rest of the continent. The game is playable through your Internet browser and is completely free to play with a Recharge/VIP premium option for players wishing to spend real-world currency to get extra perks and advantages.

Players will start out, after a short introduction to the game, by choosing faction that they wish to join, with three major forces battling it out for the lands of Thieden in an endless war of exchanging territories. Each of the three factions has its own primary territories as well as a faction bonus for those that swear fealty to it; the Kingdom of Albion have made their fortune from their extensive coastal ports and so itís Lords have access to more items in the Market, the Nords Alliance are tucked away in the icy north and benefit from shorter cooldowns when trading on the Black Market as well as gaining more resources, finally the Empire of Gorm who were once the most prominent faction in the land with rich resource filled territories grants its Lords shorter cooldowns for the Shop.

The game focuses on two primary features, rebuilding and advancing your own city that is broken down into different regions such as the Farm, the Shop, the Market and more and within each region players are able to construct a variety of different buildings that will improve the features linked to that region. For example the Dwellings will improve the population that can then be used to advance the rest of your city whereas the Sawmill will increase resource production for constructing buildings. Secondly is combat and the advancement of your own territories, raising up an army led by strategic Generals players will engage in both PvE and PvP combat fielding their own troops in real time strategy requiring both preparation and quick reflexes in the fight.

Combat sees armies clash on a single battlefield, each army has its units lined up in rows and each turn the front units will march forward to fight each other. Whichever units strike first gets to choose from one of three initial attack formations, however each can be countered by one of the other available formations and players must quickly select them and react to their enemies choice. Both rows of units will exchange blows until one has been defeated, which will then be replaced by the next row of units in the army who will then be able to counter your current formation. This process repeats until one army has lost all its units and is defeated. The types of units used, the tactics of the Generals and even the type of terrain that the player fights on can all add extra strategic elements to a battle.

Siegelord screenshot: