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Genre Type: F2P Airport Manager MMO
Platform Accessibility: Web Browser
Development By: Bigpoint

Skyrama is a fast paced airport simulator where players are responsible for their own airport, tasked with constructing the various buildings required to run an advance the site as well as managing the arrivals and departures of the various international flights coming and going from your airport. The game is a free to play browser-based MMO that allows players to create their own quick account through the website or login using their Facebook accounts.

The key to advancement is acquiring AirCoins, the in game currency that players will earn through successfully accepting, servicing and departing flights on time as well as by completing various tasks and objectives that will pop up throughout the game. With AirCoins players are able to purchase a variety of buildings and place them down on their own private land, having full management over the layout of the airport itself. Each building has its own cost, level requirement and purpose such as airport runways to allow multiple planes to land and depart at once, service bays for maintaining and refuelling arrivals and terminals which give players an income of new passengers that can be sent out on flights (as well as decorative items that not only make their poor prettier but also attract more passengers).

Success comes with managing various planes travelling to and from your airport; players are able to purchase a variety of planes that are stored in their hangar bay, each plane having its own stats, pros and cons. Providing a player has enough passengers available they are able to send their planes to any country in the world, which can be accepted, serviced and returned by another player who in turn will gain rewards for doing so. Flights that are incoming to a players own airport are notified with an onscreen message and the player must go through the process of landing, unloading, refuelling and reloading the plane, all of which takes an amount of time depending on the type of plane. Players are able to spend AirCash to have the Quickservice instantly prep the plane and send it to the runway, AirCash can be gained each time a player levels up or optionally can be purchased using real world currency through the in game store. AirCash is also used to purchase a number of other features, in game items and bonuses.

Throughout the game players are tasked with a variety of different missions and objectives that they can complete to gain extra rewards and bonuses, simple tasks such as landing three planes to more long-term objectives such as sending a plane to visit every country in the world. As well as these in game objectives the developers continuously run various events in the game where players can earn unique items, planes and decorative objects to use in their airport, such items are only available whilst the event is active and so are real collector’s items for players.

SkyRama screenshot: