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Seas of Gold

Seas of Gold

Genre Type: F2P RPG MMO
Platform Accessibility: Web Browser
Development By: R2Games

In Seas of Gold you take to the high seas as the captain of your own ship, on a story driven adventure heading from island to island in search of fame and fortune. The game itself is accessible through your preferred web browser with no need for a client download, completely free to play players can spend cash on premium currency in the form of Diamonds if they wish, which allows them to upgrade their VIP level, buy various items from the diamonds only shop and a variety of other perks.

When starting out players can select their character from four available fledgling captains, in command of their starter ship the aim of the game is to build up both your skills, your ship, crew and your fleet of other captains. With each upgrade a player will become stronger which is shown by the value of their Power rating, a score that can be seen by other players, particularly useful when fighting in Arena PVP for rewards and rank position.

The various upgrades a player can make are found in the Captain section, here they can first and foremost equip their ship with numerous gear items, similar to any RPG equipping a player with armor and weapons, players will update their cannons, deck, rudder and more to increase their ship stats. The stats affect a variety of aspects of combat such as how much damage a ship can deal, its defense rating, how far it can fire and how far it can move. It isnít just the equipment that needs to be upgraded, but the entire ship itself, and players can earn, buy or build new ships with various materials that they earn through completing quests.

Quests take players on a linear story-arc where they will complete various tasks in order and advance the storyline, acquiring XP, gold, items and more along the way as they deal with NPCs and are sent around the world. Many of the tasks are to take out the enemy pirates that plague the seas, or the dangerous sea monsters that threaten travel and trade.

When it comes to combat players can fight in the open world and attack NPC enemies, or fight them in instances and dungeons type areas, or PVP in the arena; combat always remains the same. Players are brought into an instanced area that is broken down into a gridded map, and the playerís team spawns at one side and their opponent on the other. The combat is turn based and depending on their ship and upgrades players can move a few squares, shoot a number of squares at range and use different skills, trying to position themselves around the map and having to navigate around terrain. Players are able to summon their other Captains to fight in the battle as well, which are completely AI controlled; similarly if a player fights in PVP against another player the enemy opponent is actually also controlled by the AI but based on the tactical choices and outfitting made by the owner.

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