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Soldiers Inc

Soldiers Inc -Free to play Browser MMORTS
Available Platforms: Web Browser
Developing Studio: Plarium

The year is 2019 and what we know of modern warfare is slowly begun to change where multinational corporations and foreign companies have made efforts to secure the rights to mine the valuable mineral is that have been found in the East African Republic of Zandia. During this time the Chinese Zheng Shi Security Combine in an attempt to secure the claim for themselves and now hired by a shadowy organisation that deals with Black Ops known only as “The Syndicate” he had been hired to maintain a presence in the area, form contracts and trade networks and claim your own right to the Zandian territories.

Soldier Inc is primarily a free to play-based building strategy MMO that can played through your web browser. Players must construct buildings in their own private military base, unlock new technology by networking with powerful organisations and forming contracts to get access to new building schematics and units to raise up their own private military. Out in the middle of nowhere, forced to fend for themselves it is each commanders duty to efficiently manage and source a variety of different resources needed to both expand their base of operations and military force as well as maintaining it.

Resources can be gained through production in a player’s base, traded by friendly players or exchanged between members of your own Allied Combine (guild) as well as raiding other rival players to steal their own resources. Alternatively players are able to bring a nice steady stream of extra resources or diamonds into their Command HQ by controlling neutral resource depots, controlled by attacking them using offensive units to occupy them and defensive units to protect them and some depots have no defences at all and are completely unoccupied until taken.

Players are encouraged to form contracts with other black market organisations to unlock new technologies which will give them access to improved buildings and units as well as completely new constructions. Commanders are also able to take on additional training programmes at the training centre to specialise in key areas such as Negotiation Speed, which will improve the time it takes to negotiate or renegotiate contracts, Maximum Depots to improve the number of depots a player can control, Veterancy Cost that means player can spend less cash to grant units veteran status, and much more.

Making the most out of your base and your units is the key to victory and supremacy over your rivals and players can find extra benefits using special equipment that can be found by your forces after battles and claimed as spoils of war or taken from new equipment depots that are scattered across Zandia’s territories. Different Special Equipment items have attributes that are defined by their purpose i.e. Offensive bonuses are given to Offensive equipment items and Defensive equipment gain Defensive bonuses, whereas production equipment will improve the general production characteristics of a player’s base. The strength of an item of special equipment is determined by its rarity classifications (Commercial, Limited, Restricted, Classified and Prototype) and these valuable items cannot be bought, traded or sold.

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