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Stormfall: Age of War

Stormfall: Age of War

Genre Type: Free tp Play Browser MMORPG Strategy
Platform Accessibility: Web Browser
Development By: Plarium

Stormfall is a strategy based free to play action MMORPG (MMO) set in the grim fantasy land of Darkshine, a realm in turmoil as rival Lords fight amongst themselves to lay claim over the remnants of what was once the mighty Stormfall Empire. Summoned by Lord Oberon to ready your defences, build an army, gather your allies and declare war on these rival Lords and return peace and asperity back to the people of the realm. Stormfall: Age of War is a browser game available to play through your preferred Internet browser and does not require any client based download to play.

At the core of the game is a Castle building strategy, gathering resources, raising an army constructing various buildings and waging war on rival players in a never-ending battle. With trade and diplomacy options conquest isnít the only way to get ahead, however once you have played for over three days and lost your new player immunity and the likelihood of avoiding battle is slim. However, there are plenty of other players out there to form friendly alliances with who can help you build up your Castle and defend it against your common enemies. Furthermore players can make more official alliances known as Leagues, which will open up a whole new meta game where these Leagues will compete against each other for supremacy and prizes.

Improving your Castle requires two things, firstly Lords will need to research the Lost Arts, ancient techniques and methods for lost to the ages are unravelled by your mystics and each day they are put to tasks your scholars will be able to award you a scroll. These scrolls and I used to unlock new abilities and technologies that will advance your Empire, enabling the construction of new types of buildings, training up new types of units and more. Secondly Lords will require resources, from gold and iron to construct their buildings to food to keep their armies fed. Resources can be created through various buildings types that you will construct within the walls of your Castle they can be gained by raiding rival player castles or by capturing neutral settlements. Players are able to trade between each other through the markets both the Lost Arts scrolls and the various resources available within the game.

A Castle will only remain standing for as long as itís army is able to defend it, with a building up a strong military simply to defend both your own Castle or that of any allies you make all words act more aggressively and actively try to take what you need through conquest and armour is a vital component to any Lords arsenal. Players are able to use these armies to besiege enemy castles, taking resources whilst they are under siege of conquering them outright, or used to attack and defend the various resource gathering settlement points dotted around the world.

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