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Stormthrone: Aeos Rising


Genre Type: F2P MMORPG
Platform Accessibility: Web Browser
Development By: R2 Games

The world of Aeos, a fantasy realm created by three powerful gods known collectively as the Trium; Umbral, Tem and Beruva, has slowly begun to slip to darkness as the Voice Below sends forth an army of Demons to wage a final war against the people of this land. At the Driftworld mighty heroes emerge to defend this last bastion of hope, calling upon the remaining living deities and seeking their power and equipping themselves with the ancient Aeon Weapons to drive back the evil once and for all. Each generation heroes will rise and fall, many drifting off into obscurity but some whose deeds will have remembered as legends for eternity; which will you?

Stormthrone is a free to play browser-based fantasy MMO RPG that allows players to stand in the shoes of these emerging heroes, taking quests and exploring the vast four realms in search of the means to make themselves stronger and more powerful against threats of the world. The game is very quest driven and PVE focused with strong elements of PVP in real-time combat, allowing players to fight in teams against challenging AI creatures in difficult dungeons where only the strongest of heroes will prevail or against fellow players to truly test their skills.

Players have the choice of three different races at character creation and can play as one of six unique classes, allowing a deeper level of customisation with each class offering a unique skills, abilities and play styles. Rise as a powerful Warrior, wielding devastating two-handed weapons and showing your martial mastery as you leap around the battlefield unleashing powerful combos tearing apart enemy defences. As a Mage players must learn to harness the elements themselves, a remnant of chaos left behind after the death of Tem, allowing these skilled arcane fighters to unleash devastating magical spells. Support your teammates as a Priest, those who have dedicated their lives to the Trium and in turn have been blessed with powerful rituals and spells that can turn the hordes of Demons themselves sending them fleeing back into the darkness.

Acquiring legendary loot items allows each Hero to customise their character with the spoils that they have gained from victory in battle, increasing their strength and abilities. The epitome of such powerful items are the Aeon Weapons, artefacts fought long lost and re-cast in the Aeon Forge, these weapons of the gods once wielded by the Heroes of the past are out there to be discovered and claimed by the new owners. The Spear of Storms and Valariís Oath out to such ancient artefacts that have earned their own renown as legendary items aiding those that wield them in their cause, the Sabre of Sundering once wielded by the half-orc Khamurr made this once despised exile a hero among both the orcs and dwarves that originally shunned them. The Staff of Kiriyosln is particularly feared by Demons, a powerful staff that was used to slay the Serpents of Lathrae by Kiriyos in the Year of Unblinking Sun.

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