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Summoner's Legion

Summonerís Legion

Genre Type: F2P TCG MMO
Platform Accessibility: Web Browser
Development By: R2Games

In Summonerís Legion players are responsible for their own army of soldiers and tasked with fighting epic battles against both real-world players and the challenging AI campaign enemies, players must protect their Hero general at all costs whilst trying to defeat the opposing enemy Hero. Players will earn XP to level up and unlock new features as well as acquiring in game currency to purchase new booster packs to add units and abilities to their army/deck. The game is completely free to play and players can choose to purchase a VIP option and it can be played directly in your preferred Internet browser.

A battle typically consists of two opposing Heroes in a one-on-one duel (as players can face off against multiple opponents from time to time and also have allies in their battle on their own team), each Hero will have their own deck of 30 cards that is made up of the available units and skills that the player has managed to acquire. The battlefield itself can range from one to three rows that lie between the two Heroes, each row divided up into 10 squares which can be occupied by one unit with players unable to place their units a few squares away from their hero thus dividing the battlefield into two sides.

Each turn players are able to choose from the cards they have randomly drawn from their deck and place them onto the battlefield (if a unit) or even perform a skill action (typically targeting an enemy or friendly unit). All cards have a Mana cost to play, coming from the Heroes Mana Pool which will replenish itself at the beginning of each turn and increase the pool by one allowing for higher ranked Units and Skills to be performed as the game goes on. Once a player has spent their available Mana for their go and place down their units they will end their turn, at this point the units will try to move their full movement towards the enemy Hero (usually two squares) and/or attack anybody within their range (the game this is usually to squares). Units are used to defend your Hero while simultaneously launch an attack on the enemiesí, the first team to kill the enemy Hero is the victor.

Cards have a number of different qualities that make them unique from each other, starting from their rarity/quality some cards are very, whereas all the more powerful cards are more difficult to acquire and can be extremely powerful in play. Each unit card has an attack value (either physical damage on magic damage) that they will deal to enemy cards and Heroes as well is their own hit points to determine how much damage they can tech before dying and being removed from the battlefield. To add extra strategy and tactics to the game Units also have their own unique traits that will allow to act differently to other units such as having a greater move distance, attack range, armour value or even being able to attack enemies on different lanes/rows.

Summoner's Legion screenshot: