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Therian Saga

Therian Saga

Genre Type: F2P MMO RPG
Platform Accessibility: Internet browsers
Development By: Virtys

In Therian Saga players are able to carve out their own path in a free to play fantasy RPG where upon landing on a new mysterious armed only with their name, tools and a weapon players can seek out adventure, glory and fame and make a name for themselves as a legendary Hero. Focusing on open sandbox content players are free to pursue various skills and features to play the game they want to play, working alongside other players and becoming an integral part of the community or helping lead it.

Taking charge of a single Hero the players task is to build a life for themselves, such as one of adventure and embarking on dangerous excursions into the unknown world, discovering and studying mysterious creatures and learning how to tame and train them and heading into deadly dungeons to fight evil enemies in search of treasure and glory. Not everyone rushes to live and die by the sword, for many building up a civilisation in this new land is a much more intriguing task, learning mastery over a craft skill as an artisan and on creating works of art for Lords and Ladies, turning their hand to mining, or lumber jacking or other ways to acquire much-needed resources for themselves, the community or other players seeking to construct and build anything from horseshoes to houses.

The game focuses on skill-based progression, players are able to choose from a vast number of skills each falling within a specific field, with no limitations on which skills they can train up players can create their ideal RPG character. As skills in a set field are increased so too does a player gain bonuses in the other skills that fall within that field, able to construct and craft all manner of things using recipes they have inadvertently made themselves or purchased from travelling vendors or discovered in ancient dungeons.

Heroes will surround themselves with all manner of Companions, from those humans that they have hired in the local tavern to make up their fighting retinue, Guild of scholars, a shifty band of thieves, or merchants studio or even finding and taming creatures and monsters that will serve as loyal pets. Companions contribute their skills directly to a player when they are aiding them with a specific task that they too are trained in, having the right man for the job as your Companion can help a Hero go a long way.

The world is vast and full of places to explore, requiring unique terrain skills to navigate snowy peaks and dense jungle, those who are daring enough can seek out dangerous dungeons in which they can fight the evil denizens within. Here your hero and their companions can fight in real time combat, adjusting their own tactics and strategy in order to overcome great challenges and receive even greater rewards. When the day is done Heroes can head back to their residence, whether a nearby campsite housing them and their companions on an adventure or taking their own territory and building up their own houses and castles.

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