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Total Domination

Developed by Plarinum, Total Domination is a free-to-play real-time strategic browser game. This title allows you to construct empires from the ashes of fallen civilizations. By discovering lost knowledge and researching new technologies, players can lead armies, protect their people, control the weapons of the future, and claim their empire. You have to wage war for control of the world's resources, develop your colony and instill loyalty in your followers.

The game is designed to be constantly updated in order to ensure a continually enhanced experience as the game stays fresh by offering new units, buildings, technologies, and defensive improvements for players. It's interface features all the classic element of the genre which are familiar to long-time gamers, plus global in-game Immersive storylines developments introduce non player opponents and new ways to work with or betray fellow commanders.

You are not alone in the world of Total Domination, and a flexible and strategy-based format allows users to play according to their style: gamers can go it alone, or form alliances and clans with other sectors. Therefore, developing Strategy and Teamwork with your comrades is essential to obtain victory. If you desire power, you must form strong alliances with your Friends. Exchange knowledge, combat experience, and resources. Together, you can defeat the hostile wastelands surrounding you. Extra resources are earned by raiding other communities or by trading with other players.

Total Domination screenshot: