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Tribal Wars 2

Tribal Wars 2

Genre Type: Free2Play Empire Building MMO
Platform Accessibility: Web Browser
Development By: InnoGames

In Tribal Wars 2 players will rediscover the magic of the original Tribal Wars with all-new enhanced features and graphics but still with the same exciting strategic gameplay that has been loved for years. In the game players must start out as a new Lord ruling over their own village, responsible for protecting the populous and their well-being by improving city facilities and buildings as well as raising a powerful army to defend your territory and vanquish your foes. This free to play MMO that pits players against each other in exciting PVP and encourages lasting alliances and friendships through trade and diplomacy and the ability to form official Tribes. The game can be played directly in your web browser without the need of any client download.

When first setting foot into your village players already have access to a number of key buildings that are required to get started, each building having its own rank that determines not only how efficient it is but also what resources/items can be gained from it. The main village building is the Headquarters, only by levelling up this building can players raised levels of their other buildings and so advancement is capped by the Headquarters current level. Upgrading buildings takes time and costs resources, ultimately the key to advancement in the game is the intelligent acquisition and management of your own resources, which are used in the construction of not only buildings but the training of your military. Resources can be acquired through production buildings, traded with allies, purchased with Crowns (the games premium currency), earned through completing quests or by invading rival villages.

PVP and to a lesser extent PvE are the main focuses of the game, players are able to expand their territory beyond their soul village, attacking and conquering AI Barbarian villages as well as other players villages. Using the global map is an overview players can quickly identify which villages and nearby, including both player and barbarian, though starting villages will have Attack Protection that lasts for a number of days giving new players the chance to get to grips with the game before they must start defending their territory against aggressive players.

Combat consists of a balance between players and asking an army of varied units, both attacking and defending units, that can be used to protect their territory and conquer their rivals. When sending troops into battle it can take minutes and sometimes even hours to reach the target destination depending on how far away it is from the armies starting point, often giving players in of time to manoeuvre their own troops and train up reinforcements in preparation for the attack. When two forces are engaged the computer automatically resolves the combat based off the unit types in the battle and the number of attackers and defenders, resulting in a battle report to show what units were lost. If successful in an attack the player will loot an amount of resources from the target, and if a complete victory they can even conquer the rival players village and take it into their own Empire.

Tribal Wars 2 screenshot: