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Vikings: War of Clans

Vikings: War of Clans

Genre Type: F2P Strategy
Platform Accessibility: Web Browser
Development By: Plarium

In Vikings: War of Clans players must build up and rule their Viking clan, responsible for advancing their tribal town by managing time and resources, constructing various buildings, researching technologies and training an army of troops to battle enemy AI, real rival players and collective Clan alliances. Completely free to play the game is accessible directly through the official web page and players do not need to download any client.

Resource management is the one of the key fundamental concepts of the game as everything a player wishes to do will typically spend one or more of the primary resources; Iron, Wood, Stone, Food or Silver. Resources can be generated through certain buildings constructed within a players own town, however, to gain a surplus required for advancement players will typically rely on raiding rival towns including AI farms and strongholds or those of other players where they will engage in PVP.

For combat players will have to field a large and diverse army, made up of thirty different kinds of troops that are unlocked through various "Knowledge" technologies that must be researched; Troops have their own stats, strengths and weaknesses and are stronger or weaker against certain other troops, creating a rock-paper-scissors effect. Having a balance of different types of troops means that player is not so easily dominated and gives them a higher likelihood of succeeding in combat. The size of the army is dependent on various factors and as a player levels up they will be able to field a greater number of troops, but with this they must acquire food which is constantly used up to maintain a standing army; it is here that an player may be forced to raid farms to boost their own supplies to keep their men fed.

Whether constructing buildings, researching techs, training troops or maneuvering them across the battlefield on the attack, everything in the game takes time. Even the smallest tasks can take minutes to complete, with larger scale actions taking hours, due to this players must be efficient in managing their time and the needs of their town as tasks will be put in a queue and completed in order. Tasks and builds will continue when the player is offline providing a casual approach to town management where players can keep checking in on their town to see if a task has completed, with the ability to rush production with earned special items or premium currency; though the majority of queued tasks can be rushed to completion for free once they reach under five minutes.

The game holds many other different features such as the ability to level up your own personal character, teach them new Hero Skills that will give benefits to running a town or improving their army; equip them with unlocked or crafted gear to improve their stats and help their troops in combat, and more. Players can focus on solo play within the game or band together with other players to form Alliances, groups of clans that focus on working together and fighting common enemies.

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