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Developed by Playzo and set in the Second World War, Wargame 1942 is a military strategy browser game which gives players the opportunity to build up their base, research and develop different military vehicles and aircrafts in order to build an army to fight against the enemies. Use your diplomatic skills to influence the world politics and to write yourself into the history books and use your army to fight against thousands of different players.

Wargame 1942 features a deep and well rounded PvP system which strongly encourage and support relationships and war between players and offer some pretty unique features different from other games of this genre. For example, to spice things up and force you to think carefully before launching an attack, the game let you take your enemy's building or lose your own instead of just stealing resources. Moreover, you can use a useful a spy system to send Agents and Stork to spy upon your target empire and inform you about its units and resources.

The game's setting takes place during the Second World War and the players are the best hope for obtaining a victory as they are building their own bases in which they use to plan military operations against their enemies, trade with other players, forge alliances and control the global politics. In Wargame 1942 there are thousands of players on the move towards international diplomacy or preparing the allied or axis units to use them against the other players in challenging battles for resources, power and influence.

You can build units choosing from more than 8 types which are divided in 4 main categories: ground, water, air and defense, and are displayed in a deep and expanded tech tree. Each unit has its very own stats and role in battle, and their strength and weaknesses should be kept in mind when preparing an attack. There is also a wide selection of different building which players can build to specialize and expand their empire.

Wargame1942 screenshot: