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Warlord Saga

Warlord Saga is a browrser Free 2 Play MMO RPG Game developed by Leekolgames.

In Warlord Saga players step into the shoes of a rising hero during the Three Kingdoms period of ancient Imperial China where rival factions have arisen and brought the lands into chaos as they battle against each other for supremacy. In this free to play MMORPG players will focus on building up a powerful team of Heroes to help in the players task as they adventure across the land undertaking dangerous quests, acquiring powerful items, weapons and artefacts along the way as well is more companions to help them. Warlord Saga is accessible through your preferred Internet browser after creating a free account through the game’s official website.

Players get the choice of three different classes, each with their own skills, abilities and play style: the Strategist, the Archer and the Warrior. The Strategist focuses on high DPS damage as an offensive melee combatant, the Archer preferring more long ranged attacks and is ideally suited for the back row of any formation Array, whereas the Warrior with their long spear is most beneficial on the front line as a heavy defender taking the hits for other Heroes in the group.

Arrays are the formations that players can organise their recruited Heroes in, companions that are on locked through completing story driven content as well as other in game features that wall help you in battle, with various Arrays that can be unlocked placing characters in different positions to optimise their combat ability. During combat characters will automatically engage the enemy with their various attacks and abilities and be able to maximise their defences based off the position they have been placed in i.e. defensive characters on the front line, weaker characters on the backline.

Heroes can be levelled up individually when they fight in battles and so part of the challenge of the game is maximising these Heroes potential as well as equipping them and their main character with powerful items. Furthermore from level 26 players are able to upgrade their equipped items and further augment their stats to make them even stronger, the grade cap of an individual item is determined by its quality and players can upgrade items by spending Spar currency. Moreover players can Enhance their gear from level 36 as well as Evolve equipment from level 41 by spending Gear Evolve as to further increase and items stats.

Players will gain currency and items through completing various quests that wall progress them through the game, unlocking the greater story arc and lead them off into new areas and is the primary PVE content, though there are such features as the Heroic Run that will unlock more information about the individual Heroes stories and on the fold the Relation Chained window that shows the relationship between individual Heroes. Alternatively players can fight against each other, testing out their strategies and skills in the Arena and pitting their Arrays against one another in the hopes of earning a ranked position, which in turn will reward them with items and currency to help them in the game.

Warlord Saga screenshot: