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Winterfrost Legacy

Winterfrost Legacy

Genre Type: F2P MMORPG
Platform Accessibility: Web Browser
Development By: R2Games

This free to play MMO is set in a fantasy world where players take on the role of child of a great King who goes up against a fallen deity, now tasked with defending the realm your character must band together the races to fight these malevolent Guardians. Winterfrost Legacy is an action RPG that follows a quest chain revealing a deep story and players must focus on gathering Mercensaries and gear to create a powerful team, leading them as one of four different classes (Mage, Warrior, Rogue or Shaman). The game doesn’t require a client download and can be accessed directly through your preferred web browser.

Players are able to recruit new Mercenaries to join their team when they reach level 27, heading over to the Tavern area players can spend Anima, earned through questing, rewards or the Anima Alter, to spend as currency and purchase new mercs. As players level up and progress through the main story-arc they will meet new characters that can join them and are added to the list; depending on the level of the tavern will depend on how rare the Anima is required to purchase higher quality Mercs. When added to the team Mercs can be upgraded by spending Gold and/or Merits, earned through a variety of ways but typically by taking part in the Merc Trials where they face off against these powerful fighters and must defeat them in a set amount of turns, earning more rewards the more quickly they defeat them. Players can also complete Merc Quests to gain huge amount of XP and rewards, these quests are divided into Basic, Common, Great, Epic and Legacy quests, with higher rewards available.

Once acquired Mercs are added to the team formation to accompany the players main characters; these formations are a hexagon shape with 7 positions; 2 front, 3 mid and 2 back, where players can arrange the position of their Mercs and character strategically and gain bonuses depending upon their position. As players level up they are able to unlock extra slots to fit more characters into their formation and make a more powerful team. Combat is turn based starting with the player character who can choose which attack they wish to make based on the skills they have unlocked or upgraded by spending skill points; some attacks build up Rage when used, whereas other spend this Rage and unleash more powerful skills. The Merc companions cannot be controlled and the AI chooses their attacks, but players can also choose to let the AI control their character as well and have the player character use its skills.

Combat comes through a variety of features, as well as those listed, including Chaos Chess where players unlock different NPC characters who they can then fight in battle for rewards, the story-driven quests that see players travel through lots of different environments facing different creatures, or against other players’ teams in PVP.

Winterfrost Legacy screenshot: