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Yitien Chronicles

Developed by Reality Squared Games Yitien Chronicles is next-generation, Chinese-themed browser MMORPG set at the end of the Yuan dynasty. In the game you are going to be a warrior thrust into a conflict between a collapsing empire and power hungry groups of warriors, where you can choose to save the empire or allow it to collapse completely.

In Yitien Chronicles, players able to quickly level up through the game quests which have an auto-walk system, and when players are out of quests they can use the AFK system to still gain experience without having to do anything and by co-operating someone else even gain more experience. That means that you donít have to actively play the game for hours doing tedious things and focus on having fun.

In the game you can customize your character with the "Meridian" system, allowing you to open or upgrade Meridians to gain attribute bonuses; there are 6 different Meridians in the game and each one corresponds to a different attribute. In Yitien Chronicles players will fight in strategic turn-based combats, collect mounts and pets, and participate in a wide variety of multiplayer events.

Players can choose between three classes: the Warrior, who prefers to be in the forefront of battle and take the fight right to the enemy, sword dancer, or healer, the Swordancer, who specializes in surprise their enemies and defeat them with deadly and graceful sword attacks and the Healer, known for its intelligence and wisdom, and its ability to heal himself and their allies. Each class has unique attributes, skills and weapons.

Yitien Chronicles screenshot: