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ZooMumba is a free browser game mmorpg
Become a manager of a zoo in this fun and crazy, ZooMumba! Sets homes, care for their animals cute and quirky, and add new buildings and attractions to attract visitors - the fun in this game has no end!

Your duties as a manager beginning with the purchase of special habitats ZooMumba shop for your animal is comfortable. You decide which are unique habitats that your animals need and in what area you want to build your zoo.

Then comes the crucial and exciting task of buying your Zoo animals - would you cheeky monkeys, cuddly pandas or maybe the lions roar? As director of the Zoo, you have complete freedom to decide everything. Make sure you buy the male and female animals, so animals in the zoo to create families and grow your Zoo.

The animals are purchased ZooMumba PetPennies - which is the currency they receive each time someone pays to visit your Zoo entrance. With each new tour, comes the opportunity to buy more and better animals and / or improve facilities.

It is also essential to take good care of your animals in ZooMumba - through proper nutrition, cleaning habitat (to live and play), your animals can be happier and so will your visitors what they can lead to more income to improve your own Zoo.

Zoo to keep you accessible and fun for all visitors, it is important to maintain a constant renewal of animals and the construction of new and improved habitat, to become the best zoo around - the interconnection of pathways between animal habitats and special attractions will have new and more customers. The more people who visit your own zoo, be sure to clean away all the facilities to keep your customers happy, most happy are your customers better your ranking in Zoo-O-Meter.

ZooMumba screenshot: