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Nord is a peaceful world where you can design and build your own people, have a good time with friends, exploring a lot of amazing and exciting places. Grow and share your crops to achieve higher levels in the game and can unlock more features, such as horses, racing cars, witchcraft, more dancing and more.

Instead of just run around killing monsters, Nord is a game where there is violence and is full of wonderful islands, villages, mazes, horse clubs and estates, built by all players. Creativity is the key and the only limit being your imagination.

Game Features

Nord is a free game and requires no installation (it is a game browser).

Nord is a game without violence.

The game in a rich 3D environment with a wide range of landscapes such as forests, deserts and dungeons. Each new player Nord further extends the world with the addition of a new people that are designed with more than 700 building blocks, each time adding more building blocks. Nord has some unique characteristics and violence in the game that promotes...

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SmashMuck Champions

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Clash of Olympus

Clash of Olympus

Genre Type: F2P turn-based RPG side-scroll
Platform Accessibility: Web Browser
Development By: Boyjoy

This exciting free to play browser RPG transports players to a world of fantasy and Greek Mythology as they go face-to-face with ancient gods and monstrous Titans that threaten the world. As a chosen Hero of the land players will embark on a quest of epic proportions in an extensive and immersive story driven adventure that takes them to all manner of dangerous and deadly locations. The game is free to play and offers a Recharge paid function for players to acquire more bonuses and in game items. Clash of Olympus is accessible through your preferred web browser and players do not need to download a client to play it.

When setting out players will first and foremost have to choose their Hero character with three different classes available (both male and female versions), players can choose from the Mage, Knight or Archer. The mage is a powerful arcane spell wielder, able to summon forth powerful destructive...

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Batheo is a mmorts browser based developed for Windows. The title has a strong tactic component that let the player to rule among an entire society, all with their unique characteristics and units. The player can upgrade both armies and units and use them to fight and conquer others lands, enlarging the empire. The game works with the real-time, so each upgrade can last from few minutes till several hours to complete. The players can also obtain and deliver a lot of quests, that will give a lot of rewards such as golds and useful items to upgrade buildings and units. The interface is simple and intuitive and the players can understand well all the features inside the game thanks to a very well done tutorial.

Players can also visit the cities of other gamers and decide to trade goods with them or attack, trying to conquer them. The game is completely free2play and Batheo is one of the most populated browser game around.

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