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Crystal Saga II

A free to play anime MMORPG Crystal Saga II puts players in the role of the hero of the realm, working their way up from an unknown to becoming a powerful fighter against the forces of evil. The game is a colourful isometric topdown RPG that focuses on quest based content, levelling up characters to acquire more powerful gear, and tackling various events, dungeons and challenges that are progressively unlocked as players get stronger. The game can be accessed directly through your preferred web browser and does not need a client download to play.

There are six available classes to play in the game; the powerful physical Knight, the healing Cleric, the dexterous Rogue, the long distance Ranger, the animal taming Beastmaster and the magic casting Mage. The six classes focus on different skills and attributes to make them more powerful, when levelling up players get attribute points and skill points that they can spend; depending on the class players may wish to focus on particular attributes such as improving a Knight’s endurance so ...

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Conflict Of Nations

Conflict of Nations

Genre Type: F2P MMO Real Time Strategy
Platform Accessibility: Internet Browser
Development By: Bytro Labs & Dorado Games

A browser based free to play MMO RTS title, Confilct of Nations is a real time strategic game where players must compete against each other in a bid to take over the world at the onset of a new World War. Form alliances and enemies with real players, master the art of trade negotiations and espionage, assemble a military to protect your lands and further expand your borders as you fight your way across the world map.

The game focuses on real time strategy on a persistent server where even if the player logs off the game continues and events unfold in their absence, leaders must acquire resources to bolster their infrastructure and allow them to develop research into new technologies allowing more powerful military units to engage in full blown warfare. Managing time plays an integral role to any nation as each action, whether learning new technologies, constructing buildings within a ...

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Soldiers Inc

Soldiers Inc -Free to play Browser MMORTS
Available Platforms: Web Browser
Developing Studio: Plarium

The year is 2019 and what we know of modern warfare is slowly begun to change where multinational corporations and foreign companies have made efforts to secure the rights to mine the valuable mineral is that have been found in the East African Republic of Zandia. During this time the Chinese Zheng Shi Security Combine in an attempt to secure the claim for themselves and now hired by a shadowy organisation that deals with Black Ops known only as “The Syndicate” he had been hired to maintain a presence in the area, form contracts and trade networks and claim your own right to the Zandian territories.

Soldier Inc is primarily a free to play-based building strategy MMO that can played through your web browser. Players must construct buildings in their own private military base, unlock new technology by networking with powerful organisations and forming contracts to get access to new building schematics and units to raise up their...

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Stormfall: Age of War

Stormfall: Age of War

Genre Type: Free tp Play Browser MMORPG Strategy
Platform Accessibility: Web Browser
Development By: Plarium

Stormfall is a strategy based free to play action MMORPG (MMO) set in the grim fantasy land of Darkshine, a realm in turmoil as rival Lords fight amongst themselves to lay claim over the remnants of what was once the mighty Stormfall Empire. Summoned by Lord Oberon to ready your defences, build an army, gather your allies and declare war on these rival Lords and return peace and asperity back to the people of the realm. Stormfall: Age of War is a browser game available to play through your preferred Internet browser and does not require any client based download to play.

At the core of the game is a Castle building strategy, gathering resources, raising an army constructing various buildings and waging war on rival players in a never-ending battle. With trade and diplomacy options conquest isn’t the only way to get ahead, however once you have played for over three days and lost your new player ...

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Pirates: Tides of Fortune

Pirates: Tides of Fortune

Genre Type: F2P MMO Base Building Strategy
Platform Accessibility: Web Browser
Development By: Plarium

In this pirate themed free to play browser MMO players take on the role of a fledgling Pirate Captain, looking to establish their own Pirates Haven where they can build up a fearsome crew of scallywags as they look to dominate the high seas. The game is a traditional base building MMO where players must be skilled in balancing their resources and time to construct various buildings and raise a fearsome pirate army to both defend their land and pillage and plunder their rivals.

The game primarily focuses on the acquisition and managing of your own resources; Rum, Timber and Gold, each of which must be acquired to keep your Pirate Haven running and is used to construct buildings, train units, unlock Discoveries (technologies) and more. Players are able to construct numerous production buildings in their Haven, each of which can be upgraded to improve its efficiency; alternatively they can raise thei...

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Genre Type: F2P City Building MMO
Platform Accessibility: Web Browser
Development By: InnoGames

Experience an exciting fantasy world in Elvenar where, as the leader of your village, you have been tasked with establishing a new settlement for your people in this new land, constructing residences and buildings so that your populous can flourish in their new home. With core elements of resource management and acquisition players will also be able to engage in tactical turn-based combat in this free to play MMO that, after a simple account registration, can be played in your Internet browser.

Players will begin life as either a leader of a Human or Elven village, supported by various NPC characters that will guide you and task you with rewards driven quests players must build, upgrade and expand their territory. The building component of the game revolves around unlocking specific technologies in the extensive tech tree, with each new discovery players can gain access to new building types that can be built on their ava...

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