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Dive into the abysmal depths at Deepolis - and experience the rapture of the deep in 3D!

Deepolis shows the direction in which the latest browser games are heading: This Flash 3D multiplayer game outdoes all browser-game technology which has been used until now. Experience action-packed fighting, use the trading systems and set up clan territories, explore new trading routes and enemy bases.

Using real-time technology, you cruise through the yawning depths of the ocean to conquer and colonize it. Remember, the early bird gets the worm - whoever gets there first can choose the best location for his naval bases.

Three fractions invite you to come take a look at their ships and technologies, and to fight together for a better future.

Deepolis offers you a fantastic underwater world to explore. But beware: danger lurks everywhere! Thousands of cloaked but very real opponents are cruising through Poseidon's realm!

Using the latest technologies, Deepolis entertains new players and old pros alike - this browser game offer...

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Grepolis is a free browser game medieval where it will have your poli (town) and you must take care to choose the best decisions for your people. To start the game will give you your first cop with some resources and some buildings important to furthering the game is fairly intuitive Grepolis so will not cost you a lot to learn how the game works....

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1.)Become a pirate, conquer the seas and hoist your flag!

Now is the time for exciting adventures on the high seas, bitter sea battles and the longing for unending freedom, fame and fortune. The player faces the challenge of battling against enemy pirates, and huge sea monsters. Wearing scars with pride and honour–they are witness to many famous battles!

Seafight is the newest, free real-time fantasy game with new individual 3-D maps inside an intelligent level system. Seafight boasts day and night modes with real-time implementation.

The player fights against real opponents "live". He controls the events in real time and experiences his actions in 3-D. A large number of game characters, multiple methods to arm himself and much more make for a diverse and exciting online pirate atmosphere.

Through Seafight, a thrilling and exciting story is brought to life with the newest streaming technology. An imaginative, creative and attractive design guarantees maximum gaming fun and captivating entertainment!

2.)Become a pirat...

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Woozworld is a browser-based virtual MMO world in constant evolution designed for tweens (ages 9-14). In Woozworld, tweens can safely create their own universe, play, and communicate with each other. Developed by Woozworld Inc. for internet browsers. Woozworld has creative functionalities as well as hundreds of games based on popular childrens’ TV series. Woozworld is a 100% safe environment.
Ready to play directly in your browser, In Woozworld, each player can create a world based on his imagination and choose if he or she wants to share it with his friends and other Woozworld Citi’zens. He can also choose to create complementary Unitz by clicking on the Add box. By choosing to place doors and assigning them destinations (a friend’s Unitz, a Public Zone, another one of his own Unitz), your child can create a virtual world to his expectations.

In Woozworld, every child can: Create and customize his/her Woozen with accessories; Create his/her Unitz and transform the world; Vote for the best Unitz and Woozen; Play and view hundreds ...

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Cultures Online

Developed by Funatics Software, Cultures Online is a free-to-play browser-based MMORPG where your hero’s adventure starts in his or her village way in the icy north on an island somewhere in the vicinity of Iceland. Hire more Vikings and decide whether you want them to help you expand your village or to accompany your hero on raiding expeditions. Bear in mind, though, that only your heroes will be able to make the other Vikings in the village work. You choose how your village should develop.

It features adorable heroes and beautiful buildings right in your web browser, an easy-to-learn battle system, tribes and quests, and a massive community to be part of. Your hero’s class is defined by the weapon he or she uses. How well your hero can use that weapon depends on their skills. A strong hero should leave his bow at home and instead pick up a two-handed battleaxe while a very intelligent hero will be deadly with a bow. Each weapon type can be used especially effectively against one type of weapon but might be less effective against...

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Fragoria is a NEW browser based MMORPG with amazing quality of graphics and world structure.

Fragoria transports each player into a fascinating and exciting world. The game took two years to develop, and represents a landmark in browser game development with its depth of gameplay and animation quality. Fragoria is a real-time flash game the likes of which have never before been seen in the browser game environment. The depth and wide range of functions represents the next generation in browser games.

The isometric 3D graphics based on the latest Flash technology enable a real multi-player experience in direct combat with other heroes. Fragoria's depth of gameplay is created by the many maps, worlds and carefully designed details. Players can enjoy an unparalleled gameworld with more than 40 different locations. Players also have a choice of 50 combat skills or training options in seven different magic schools. In addition to the guilds, players can join single or several groups where they can plan their next move and create miss...

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