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Cultures Online

Developed by Funatics Software, Cultures Online is a free-to-play browser-based MMORPG where your hero’s adventure starts in his or her village way in the icy north on an island somewhere in the vicinity of Iceland. Hire more Vikings and decide whether you want them to help you expand your village or to accompany your hero on raiding expeditions. Bear in mind, though, that only your heroes will be able to make the other Vikings in the village work. You choose how your village should develop.

It features adorable heroes and beautiful buildings right in your web browser, an easy-to-learn battle system, tribes and quests, and a massive community to be part of. Your hero’s class is defined by the weapon he or she uses. How well your hero can use that weapon depends on their skills. A strong hero should leave his bow at home and instead pick up a two-handed battleaxe while a very intelligent hero will be deadly with a bow. Each weapon type can be used especially effectively against one type of weapon but might be less effective against...

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Fragoria is a NEW browser based MMORPG with amazing quality of graphics and world structure.

Fragoria transports each player into a fascinating and exciting world. The game took two years to develop, and represents a landmark in browser game development with its depth of gameplay and animation quality. Fragoria is a real-time flash game the likes of which have never before been seen in the browser game environment. The depth and wide range of functions represents the next generation in browser games.

The isometric 3D graphics based on the latest Flash technology enable a real multi-player experience in direct combat with other heroes. Fragoria's depth of gameplay is created by the many maps, worlds and carefully designed details. Players can enjoy an unparalleled gameworld with more than 40 different locations. Players also have a choice of 50 combat skills or training options in seven different magic schools. In addition to the guilds, players can join single or several groups where they can plan their next move and create miss...

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Eredan is an mmorpg that can be played directly from your favourite browser. In Eredan the player won't use a single character but he will use a deck and will use it to fight against npc or others real players.

There will be also the possibility to join special daily and weekly tournaments where the players have the possibility to win very good prizes. Like all the others free2play there will be also an item shop and players can buy cards, decks, trophies and much more.

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The West

The West is a free to play browser based online game, developed by InnoGames GmbH for internet browsers, set in the Wild West where players take the role of a workman, adventurer, gunslinger or soldier, searching for glory, luck and gold, on the hunt for adventure and fortune. The game offers a premium section where players can purchase small ingame and comfort advantages. To get a premium account you need gold nuggets. Those cannot be found, they have to purchased with real life currency.

Players have to build up their town. Once their town is established, players will be able to truly get involve in taming the west. Towns play a central role in The West. Here you can bond with other players and build up a strong, powerful town. Every building you work on gives advantages to you and the other players.

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Nova Raider

Nova Raider

Genre Type: F2P Space Shooter MMO
Platform Accessibility: Windows / Web Browser / iOS
Development By: Sublinet

In Nova Raider players are in control of their very own spaceship that they can navigate through unknown zones of space in search of enemies, valuable minerals and taking on a variety of quests and missions. The game is primarily a space based shooter using simple mouse point and click controls the game has been developed primarily as a browser-based/iOS app but also has a Windows client available to download and is completely free to play.

The main purpose of the game for players is to acquire XP and resources from killing enemies and completing missions, which in turn will level the player up and give them access to new features and zones that they can progress through to attempt even tougher challenges. With strong PVE content players will also be able to go head-to-head against other real-world players in exciting PVP Arena combat.

The different ships available in the game come primarily in five...

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The endless expanse of the universe is the home of the probably most successful browser game of all times: OGame.
The players are galactic emperors building mines and factories on their home planets. They explore technologies to venture into distant galaxies.
With numerous other players – Ogame already has made more than 30 mio. avid fans world-wide – they compete against each other for supremacy of the universe: be it as a lonely merchant of raw materials or as a member of a martial alliance fighting battles of unlimited size. The interest in OGame is still unbroken even after five years. The game is a success in more than 30 countries all over the world and thus relies on a loyal player community without parallel. OGame has from the beginning banked on being playable free of charge and also included the ideas and requests of players that are discussing new extensions in their own ideas forum all the time.

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