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City Of Steam: Arkadia

Developed by Mechanist Games and based on the Unity3D technology City of Steam: Arkadia (COS Arkadia) is a free-to-play browser-based 3D industrial age fantasy MMORPG. In the game you are going to start your adventure in the city of Nexus, where you have to discover more about your family past, and help destroy or rebuild Nexus.

City of Steam takes place in an industrial “steampunk” where steam power, clockworks, and arcane technologies are an important part of this mechanical world. Players can change Nexus in many ways, either by completing quests that involves social, economic, and political forces or completing dangerous dungeons.

The game allows players to customize their avatars in various ways, to achieve a unique look and play style. For example you can use several weapon combos like sword and shield or 2 daggers, or more exotic combinations as 2 pistols or wand and shield. In addition each character has 10 points to customize their weapons, which gives countless combinations to play your character as you want.

In Cit...

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Sparta: War of Empires

Sparta: War of Empires

Genre Type: F2P City Building MMORPG
Platform Accessibility: Web Browser
Development By: Plarium

It is the 5th century BC and ancient Greece has fallen under the threatening eye of Xerxes and his powerful Persian Empire, an assembled force built for conquest like the world had never seen. As this giant army rolls over neighbouring countries it suddenly finds itself facing the combined forces of the Greeks following the command of King Leonidas and his Spartan armies thousands of city states now rise up to battle the Persian invaders and drive them back to where they came from.

Sparta: War of Empires is a strategy based city management MMO that is completely free to play where each player is put to tasks on building up their own city state as an Archon, managing their resources, building up a powerful army and expanding their borders to push out the Persian forces and taking the battle directly to them. Whilst many Archon follow similar goals and some may even be prepared to work together, there are th...

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Mission Cobra

Mission Cobra is free to play, browser-based, action adventure, developed by SEAL media GmbH for internet browsers. Each mission is a challenge, as every decision you make influences the direction that the mission takes. You are the long arm of the government. As an agent of the secret service, you take care of the jobs that officially don`t need doing. Together with your team, you travel around the whole world. With agents from enemy services always on your tail, your primary goal is always to complete your mission precisely and effectively.

Ready to play directly in your browser, by order of your government you are responsible for the security of your nation. Your operations take place all over the world. Find the terrorist in Beirut or catch the drug baron in Bogota. Use the most modern gadgets, but always be careful, your enemies are out to kill you.

Fight against thousands of enemy secret agents and train yourself and your squad in your embassy to strengthen the power of your group. Enter alliances and fight powerful enemie...

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DDTank is a free to play, turn-based, multiplayer online shooter browser game where you compete with players all around the world. Developed by NGames, Players engage in a shooting based battle where, wind, angle, power, and position, all play an important role in order to deplete the enemys HP. It features cartoon style graphics, cute and dreamy sceneries, various fashionable suits, weapons with different attack effects, different battle modes and music and sound effects. Relaxing music combining with funny sound effects makes the game more lovable.

Stock your arsenal with a variety of weapons. Personalize your characters with awesome costumes and power-ups. Combat in DDTank is pretty straight forward: you either need to kill or knock your enemies off the map. Pretty easy: it just takes some time to learn how to practice aiming. Gameplay is easy to learn, but difficult to master. DDTank is very similar to Worms and Gunbound, but runs on a browser window.

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1100AD is a f2p, browser-based, War Tactics and Strategy game placed in the Medieval era of parts of Europe. It is unlike most other war strategy or medieval era games. They have a pleasant mix of village, town and city development as well as troop training for armies and battles. You are placed in a rather large valley along with many other, mostly first-time, players from many counties, cultures and languages. Just like in real life, you will need to find methods to communicate (or not) within this context. You have choices to become friends or foes with just about everyone you come in contact with.

Developed by Ambergames for internet browsers, the game does not require too much attention, many operations (even tactical combat) can be played automatically (by the AI). Focus only the fields of medieval world, you wish to focus.
And the game does not require installation or system resources, play it anywhere from any browser.

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Shards of the Dreams

Developed by Ambergames for internet browsers, Shards of the Dreams is a free to play, isometric MMORPG for internet browsers set in a dark world, reminiscent of the Diablo series, where players can complete dungeon campaigns for single and groups (up to 5 players) against monsters. It features an unique game engine and gameplay, based on the client-server architecture and minimal requirements for the client, 8 character classes with different races, more than 200 challening quests, a huge game world, pvp and clan system, trees of talents, unique abilities, various on complexity and gameplay quests, trading, auction, in-game mail, resources gathering, item crafting, clan and team forming, arena (contractual pvp fights), reputation development, different fractions (sides) and different bonuses.

Game begins with small training for about 5 minutes. After passing the training the character receives 2nd level and gets to the Valley of Mists. The Valley of Mists is "sandbox" where new player is learning the game rules in basics. Designed...

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