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Space Pioneers 2

Space Pioneers 2

Genre Type: F2P MMO Strategy
Platform Accessibility: Web Browser
Development By: Looki

Take to the stars in this exciting free to play strategy MMO as you expand your fledgling Empire across a multitude of star systems, seeking out new planets and colonising them to bring them into your own territory as you compete against other rival empires who share similar goals in their rise to the top. This resource management/Empire building MMO offers long-term gameplay with a wide variety of options for players whether they wish to act peacefully and diplomatically towards other players or show their strengths through combat. The game does not require a client download and can be played for free through the official webpage and accessed directly in your chosen web browser.

As with many Empire management games the core of Space Pioneers 2 is to build is to build your Empire up and become one of the strongest players in the game, acquiring resources, colonising planets, raising a strong military fleet and asserting y...

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Desert Operations

Desert Operations is a free to play military Strategy Browser-based Game where you fight as the Ruler of a small country against thousand other players or make allies with them through clever diplomacy, developed by Playzo GmbH for Internet web browsers. Raise your influence on the world politics by creating alliances or making war declarations. Found alliances, so you and your allies can fight against your enemies. Trade with your allies and spy on your enemies. Ready to play in your browser directly, you have many possibilities to create your country and defend yourself against hostile takeover.

You can be a premium user. In the Premium menu you can buy Diamonds and for example exchange them for better weather. There you will choose first from the payment options and then the Group. The entry of the Diamonds is immediately in your account after the payment is received. You will enjoy more features like: Productions will conclude immediately (Diamond = 1 for every 30 min), exchange Commodities, buy Special Weapons, change The weat...

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Farmerama One Month Premium For FREE here
April 8th 2011 and end Monday, April 22th 2011
Developed by Bigpoint for Internet browsers, Farmerama is a browser-based game, free to play mmorpg where you live as a humble farmer. Make the best of life and carefully tend your greatest asset: your land. Ready to play directly in your browser, you have your own field where there’s a farmhouse, barn, mill, water tower and manure pile on this field for you to use. Breathe in the fresh country air and starting farming. There’s lots of work to be done and no time to rest! Your field is divided into a grid. On this grid, you can farm your land, plant trees or raise animals (see “Livestock” for more info about animals).

If you sign up to become a premium farmer, you can visit the lookout tower to get either a lookout or haverster to lend you a hand of the farm. Get your hands on the Premium Pack and earn some game leverage, like reliable customers who drop by the farmstead every day and order twice as much. or more customer orders (20 instead o...

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Hero Zero

In Zero Hero you play as a fledgling hero looking to make his or her name in the world. Beginning your career as a low level neighbourhood watch type and helping old ladies cross the street and stopping the local bully from stealing peoples Wi-fi to pirate download his Hip Hop, you will in time grow to be a renowned superhero.

By taking on missions, either Fighting or Time missions, you will earn coins and EXP. EXP is used to level up your characters abilities, improving their stats and getting new powers to become a more formidable hero. By levelling up you will also begin to unlock all new areas in the dangerous city and take missions more suited towards an up and coming superhero, both missions and increasing stats will take time, but these can be completed instantly by using premium currency.

The coins that you will acquire through missions or through your day job, a nice source for extra coin, will primarily be used to buy items in the in-game shop to purchase all manner of crazy costume pieces and wacky accessories. Every...

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Empire Universe 3

Empire Universe 3

Game Style: Free to play MMO Space Strategy (MMORTS)
Available Platforms: Web Browser
Developing Studio: Looki

In Empire Universe 3 players will be able to take on the role of an intergalactic alien commander out to expand the borders of their empires territory, as the primary leader of your own planet players are able to construct their own military bases, raise up an army and begin to expand outwards to claim new planets as your own. The game can be played directly in your web browser without the need to download a client to play and is absolutely free to play. This space based Empire building RTS is an MMO that focuses on managing your resources, time and working strategically to compete against players from across the world.

The first choice a player must make is determining which of the nine available alien empires they wish to be a part of, in the role of a planetary commander it is your duty to expand your borders and bring your rivals to heel in the battle among the stars. With a wide variety of di...

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Genre Type: F2P RPG MMO
Platform Accessibility: Web Browser
Development By: 37Games

The Felspire is a mysterious obsidian tower, a landmark in the world of Eremos that is said to be a source of infinite energy and also acts as a power to the underworld itself; many seek to protect the tower whereas there are those who simply wish to control it and the power it will bring them. Rise as a hero of the times in this new fantasy RPG filled with PVE, PVP, questing, crafting and a wide variety of other features, all of which are accessible through your preferred internet browser and completely free to play.

Players have a choice of three character classes to play as: the Mage, Warrior or Archer. The Mage is a ranged AOE specialist able to summon forth the elements and harness their power into powerful destructive spells having mastery over lightning, fire and ice. The Warrior is a strong, physical champion who stands at the forefront of battle, using their heavy armor, high defensed and huge hitpoint pool to protect their...

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