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Let's Fish

Letís Fish

MMO Type: Free to Play Fishing MMO
Developing Studio: Ten Square Games
Available Platforms: Internet Browser

This browser-based fishing themed free to play MMORPG allows players to experience an exciting fishing simulator where they will travel to various fishery locations, equipped with their own gear items and try to master the art of fishing. The casual, competitive and community driven fishing MMO the game is very easy to play, but fun for those who enjoy a more casual and simplified gaming experience that revolves primarily around achievement unlocking gameplay. Players will earn XP, unlock new gear and compete against other players in many friendly competitions.

The main purpose of the game is to catch different types of fish, typically those that appear in your achievement/quest tracker where players may be tasked with catching tend types of the same fish or successfully catching all the available fish. The primary feature behind the game is unlocking access to new gear and items, players can equip themsel...

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Eredan Arena

Eredan Arena / Genre: Free to play Fantasy Trading Card Game (TCG) / Platform Available: Internet Browser / Developer: Feerik

The nefarious Amnezy has captured the members of the nine hero Guilds of Eredan, putting them to battle in an arena of her own devising, forcing heroes to fight against their companions or alongside old rivals for her entertainment and revenge. In this trading card game (TCG) that can be played in your Internet browser, and is absolutely free, players control their team of five unique heroes in battle against rival players in the hopes of achieving fame, glory and fortune.

The game consists of a match of five bouts, were each hero will get a chance to fight against the opponent in one-on-one combat, where in other TCGs players can match up different combinations of cards to support each other and use different tactics, in Eredan Arena each hero fights on their own relying on the heroesí own strengths and abilities to win their around. The first player to win three bouts is declared the winner and earns ex...

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Rising Cities

Developed by Bigpoint, Rising Cities is a free-to-play construction/management MMO completely playable in your favorite browser. Players have to create and develop their unique virtual city, granting an healthy living spaces for their residents, collecting, renting and investing in industry, power generation plants, transportation system and a lot of additional construction essential for a flourish metropolis. Their very own virtual city will need a vast amount of resources and energy, just like a real metropolis.

The most important thing in the game is balance. You have to hear the desires of your citizens, because they obviously don't want to live in an empty and boring landscape, and help them, without forgetting what your city truly needs. Having your pockets always full by satisfying your citizens is always good, but in order to prevent any disaster it's better to keep an eye on what's happening in your city and your industries.

However, getting to the top and becoming the best mayor is an arduous task. Only with a good str...

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Naruto Saga

Naruto Saga is based on popular anime Naruto, now made into a ninja themed MMORPG where players get to take their own journey and become an infamous martial artist. Travel across the world and visits well-known locations and meet popular characters from the series in your adventure. The game is completely free to play and browser-based so no client is needed and you can playedirectly in your Internet browser; with dozens of new features there is plenty to do within the game and hours of online fun.

At the culmination of the first in game quest players are able to choose which can genre they wish to specialise in made up of three different martial arts forms. Ninjutsu practitioners will have improved critical strike chances to deal more damage to the enemy, fighters at utilising Taijutsu and more proficient in blocking techniques reducing the amount of damage taken and those who use Genjutsu are more skilled in dodging manoeuvres and can avoid all damage when triggered.

The biggest feature of the game is no doubt the quests syste...

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Legends of Honor

Legends of Honor

Genre Type: F2P MMO Castle RTS
Platform Accessibility: Browsers
Development By: Goodgame Studios

In Legends of Honor players are the rulers of their own castle and lands, sworn to one of three powerful factions that vie for power and influence over the realm; as a fledgling lord you are tasked with establishing your Castle and raising a devastating army to bring the downfall of your rivals. The game is a traditional Castle building real time strategy focusing on resource gathering, castle construction and building up units to fight in PVE against challenging AI threats and hundreds of real world players. The game is completely free to play and can be accessed without the need of a bulky client download, instead it is conveniently accessible through your web browser.

When starting out any Castle needs a good supply of resources; Coins, Wood, Stone and Food, the first three are typically needed to construct a wide variety of buildings or upgrade them, everything from resource production buildings such as Hous...

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Rainbow Saga

Rainbow Saga

Genre Type: F2P MMORPG
Platform Accessibility: Web Browser
Development By: NGames

This fun and colourful MMO role-playing game lets players step into the boots of a rising Guardian sworn to protect the land of Troonmill against the rising threats of the Devil Lordís army in a story driven RPG that is advanced as players progress through the game. Rainbow Saga is packed full of features focusing primarily on PVE content but offers players the chance to PVP in the Arena, at all times working towards acquiring more powerful items and gear as well as levelling up with XP to gain access to new features and skills. The game is completely free to play and can be played directly through your web browser without the need of a client download.

Rainbow Saga offers a more action packed combat system were players must control their character through a 2-D platformer side scrolling world using the keyboard to move around and attack enemies in real-time combat. The types of attacks that players can make depends upon their Cla...

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